Botanical Fusion®

Paradise captured in essence...

BF offers high quality and 100% natural flavor extracts

Wit our extracts any perfume can be recreated in form of a cocktail

Develop your own signature drink and be unique

Simply transform an ordinary cocktail into scented drink


BOTANICAL FUSION® gives the world of spirits and coktails a whole new meaning.

Arnd Heissen, Bar Manager of the The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin created remarkable and extraordinary cocktails by using those high quality flavor extracts.

Try it out: Infuse 5 to 10 drops of the BF extract into a sugar syrup or flavor-natural sprits. Also many other liquids, e.g. Oil can be scented that way.

1.  Open BF-Extract bottle           2. Put 5 drops in 1 l regular sugar syrup/spirits        3. Shake it               4. Infuse the flavoured syrup into the drink


Botanical Fusion | Dresdener Strasse 31 | 10179 Berlin